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Urantia Earth Resources Manager And Planetary Owner - Chris Dwaine Christensen Living Expenses 1962-2062 Planetary Prince Term


$1,262 + 6.85% Tax + $61.80 Processing (Shipping)

$9.99 Per Month SEQUESTRATOR® Operating System Membership Club

As we begin Developing our new Security Driven O/S we find it necessary to charge $9.99 Per Month Membership to allow the profit sharing Program to produce a more fruitful environment that we can all live by.

Beginning September 1st our Club Membership Price for Dues is $9.99 Per Month for the entire time the account is active.

We will Be Collecting Membership Dues During Development For Your $200 O/S Disk Deposit & Your Members Security Account.

What is this all about?

Majestone Enterprises® is the active owner and operator of the Universal Police Force® & UniversalPoliceForce.Com® law enforcement agencies sourced from our Universal Father & Paradise.  

The SEQUESTRATOR® Operating System is a new development which will separate us children of God from the corrupt & criminal governments of the world.

$9.99 per month that we are now beginning to collect from each potential member is an account opener as well as initial funding for our new profit sharing enterprise.

**Background Checks Will Be Conducted - Criminal, Credit, Employment, Residential & Aliases, etc. Light & Life Qualified Candidates Will Be Approved To Join & Become An Official Club Member.

The SEQUESTRATOR® Operating System is a corrupt Government Lockout System that bars & bans all Governments, Law Enforcement, Affiliates, Contractors, Workers, Employees and equivalent. All Foreign & Domestic Government Forces are Permanently Banned from our Association.

**Any external Governments or Law Enforcement will be required to pay a $21 Billion Dollar Non-Refundable Bond to view any SEQUESTRATOR® Club Member’s Content or Creations.

**All Subscriptions are subject to Universal Police Force® laws against criminal activity.

Urantia Earth Private Property No Trespassing Mandatory Evictions No Vagrancy Law

Enforced By Owner!!

$606 Per Month Urantia Earth Residence Rental Fee & UniversalPoliceForce.Com Governance Charge


$606.00 + 6.85% Tax + $62.00 Processing (Shipping Fee)

**I AM The Only Authorized Creator, Printer, Publisher & Distributor!!

Urantia Earth Private Property No Trespassing Mandatory Evictions No Vagrancy Law

Enforced By The Owner!!

LYNXSTAR® Writer Software Applications Programming Company Owner, Author, Inventor, Copyright Owner and Patent Owner Chris Dwaine Christensen-Majestone-Weapon-Christ Michael-Zepitron Copyright© 2016 LYNXSTAR® Chris Dwaine Christensen®

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All Rights Reserved!!

Death Penalty Imposed To Any And All Violators!!